Thanks and Sorrys can revolution the world that’s what he believes in. So heartfelt thanks to you who found some good time to visit this site. This site is simply a way for Bharat to garner his thoughts and works at one place and to let world know about it online.

Bharat Agarwal is an author of two books: Love, Life and Ambition which released on June 7, 2010, and second, I Love an Angel, yet to release, and ever since he is relishing the tag of being an author.

As an author whenever and whenever he listens to good things about his work, all appreciation he receives, he recalls how tough the journey was for him because of non-availability of resources but thought of becoming an author was so adamant in him that it crossed every boundary and helped him to turn out to be bestselling, & of course credit goes to his publishers also who could see charm in his work unlike others.

“If one had unquenchable quest to conquer hearts then nothing could hinder a person,” he believes.
He believes too that if you keep living your dreams every day your dreams will surely give you a life to live one day.
This site is dedicated to his family and friends, people, who help him reconnoiter everything, help him when sprits were badly plummeted, help him fight blatant issues of life, help him rejuvenate, & for providing even-handed support to him all along.